The Great Escape – The UK’s first Escape Room Unconference

Come join us for the first UK Escape Game Unconference, and we hope the start of regular opportunities to get together and talk all things Escape Games. We will have three twenty minute slots at the start for more formal presentations, Scott Nicholson of the Toronto unconference hopes to Skype in, and then we will split up to discuss all the things that matter to escape game organisers.

With 24 owners and enthusiasts booked to attend from all over the UK and beyond, we have chosen the homely Cross Keys pub as our venue for the day. We’ll be upstairs in the James Watt room, but we can spread out as the mood takes us. We have the room from noon to 10pm, so feel free to arrive early and stay behind and chat (though I think I’ll head to the bar downstairs).

cross keys pub

Wonderful food will be available, and our suggested donation of £8 collected on the day will pay for the room hire and post-it notes. Any remainder will be put behind the bar at the end of the day.

I’ve had a few questions about the event, so just wanted to say the aim is just to have a structure so we all talk meaningfully about Escape Rooms and have something to take away with us that could improve our business or experience. No-one really “presents” unless they want to, but everyone should be prepared to bring an idea to the table.

I’ve got a couple of puzzley ice-breakers, including the Break-in-Box that got 300 students at the University of Central Lancaster bemused at their induction last year. Can you beat the time it took their tutors to solve it?

Suggestions for half hour sessions so far include:

  • Using Escape Rooms to encourage innovative thinking in project teams
  • What do we need that we don’t already have?
  • Beyond the Victory Selfie – using social media to extend engagement and return custom
  • Escape the Escape Room – Urban quests as alternative puzzle experiences
  • Upselling! Sourcing and creating products and souvenirs to maximise income

I’d love to talk about a methodology for mapping puzzle-flow too – but I am no expert so please someone volunteer! The secret is to get involved and see where the conversation takes you.

The day will be structured for you, but you’ll also have plenty of time between sessions to just network and chat.

See you there!

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